Hair Treatment

Using shampoo is the most common way of cleaning your hair. An effective wash will remove dirts, oils and other substances that should be gotten rid of. If you want you hair to stay neat and healthy afterward, you need to blow dry it. Here are a few pointers to remember – Wrap your hair in a towel very lightly and leave it there for a while. Then, take the towel off and separate your hair into sections. Start blow drying your hair from the top and work your way to the lower parts. Make sure to not set the blow dryer volume too high to avoid skin burn.

Did you know about Henna? It’s a powder that many people utilize when coloring their hair and skin. It can also be used for hair conditioning if you know how to mix it with the right ingredients. To do so, you’ll need to combine a half cup of the powder with one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of olive oil. Now, let the mixture soak for a while. Next, cautiously and evenly apply it to your hair then put on a shower cap for at least one hour to allow it to rest and work its magic. Lastly, wash it out using lukewarm water then shampoo and condition your hair like you usually do.

Odds are, you’ve noticed tiny, white stuff in your hair that looks like dry dead skin. Then you have Dandruff. You’re not alone. Most people have it as well. It seems impossible to get rid of, doesn’t it? No matter what you do, they just come back the next month. Don’t worry, it can be easily treated. The easiest way of doing so is by using dandruff shampoo. As the name suggested, it was made especially for that purpose. Just buy a bottle and wash your hair deeply with it. After a couple of use, it will get your hair dandruff free.

Nowadays, having long hair in woman is what is portrait as most attractive. That’s not the only benefit though. With longer hair, you’ll have more choice of hair style and be more creative with your looks. Rather than using a wig, you should consider growing your hair through the use of a series of scalp massages. If done right, it is very possible. The masseuse can do by this adding some sesame oil on her fingers (can also be performed with Coconut Oil). Then, by using her fingertips, give the scalp a massage. It needs to start at the bottom then slowly go up with the fingers while using a circular and zig zag motions. Gently massage the entire scalp that way. It will help increasing the blow flow of your scalp which will ultimately make your hair grow. Repeat this procedure as often as possible and do it for at least ten minutes each session. Also, don’t forget to wash and rinse your hair after the massage to remove the oil.

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