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What to Do Before Your Hair Coloring Appointment

It’s always exciting to try something new and get your hair colored, but in order to get the best results possible there are a few things you need to do.

First things first, keep your hair healthy and moisturized. If your hair is damaged, it is best not to get your hair colored to prevent further harm. Make sure you are deep conditioning and taking care of your hair in the weeks leading up to your appointment.

Second, avoid washing your hair the day of your appointment. We know it’s tempting to clean your hair before coming in, but hair color works best on hair that has not been freshly washed. If you need to wash your hair, do it a couple of days before.

Have realistic expectations for how long the process will take. If you’re just going for a couple shades lighter than your natural hair color, you may only be in the chair for a couple of hours, however if you are undergoing a more drastic change, such dark to light, be prepared for a couple of sessions to get to the color you want.

Bring more than one photo to your appointment. The more reference photos you bring, the more accurate your color will be. Have a conversation with your stylist about how the color will look with your skin tone and how closely they can match the overall style you are going for. It’s important for you and your stylist to be on the same page.

Lastly, consider the upkeep. How long do you want to keep your new hair color? Upkeep will be different depending on if you go for a more natural color vs. a bright pink. Be prepared to do some maintenance both at home and at the salon if you want to retain your color as long as possible.

A new hair color is fun and exciting, but make sure to do your research and prepare for your appointment if you want the best results. If you’d like a consultation, we’re happy to assist you! Call us at (678)816-1654 or message us on social media.

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How to Maintain Your Colored Hair

You did it! You’ve finally gone to the salon and have your dream hair color or gorgeous highlights. Your hair looks exactly how you want it, so now how do you maintain it? Getting your hair colored was a process you invested a lot of time and money in, so of course, you want it to last as long as possible. Keep your hair looking great with these tips:

  1. Wash your hair less frequently. We know. This is a pretty common tip that we bring up a lot, but washing your hair too much will fade your color pretty quickly.
  2. Use a shampoo and conditioner suited for color-treated hair. Going along with washing your hair less frequently, you will need to incorporate a shampoo and conditioner that is geared toward making your new hair color last as long as possible. Use a dry shampoo if you need to freshen up your hair between washes.
  3. Keep heat to a minimum. Frequent use of heat tools like blowdryers and flat irons are a no-no if you want to keep your color. Heat will strip your color much faster. You will also want to wash your hair in cooler water or use a shower cap if you like bathing in hot water.

You’ve spent a lot of time getting your hair done and we want to help you make sure your color lasts. If you are unsure about what products to use on your color-treated hair or want to know how to care for your specific hair type, feel free to contact us at (678)816-1654 or on our social media!

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