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Hair Coloring

Hair coloring, as the name suggested, means changing your hair from one color to another. The top reasons people do so is because, they want to cover gray spots, change their hair to a color that’s more fashionable or change back it to its original color. There are four different types of hair coloring: Temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent. People mainly use temporary hair coloring if they need the change to last only for a special occasion, like Halloween, for example. It very easy to get rid of. The color can be washed out through one session of shampoo. Semi-permanent hair coloring is a little tougher to take off. But, usually, it will be gone after 4 to 5 sessions of hair wash. Thirdly, the demi-permanent one takes about 20 to 28 sessions of shampooing to take away. Lastly, permanent hair coloring, does not come out at all. So, do not get it unless you are 100% sure of your choice.

If you don’t want to change you hair color completely, you can always give hair highlighting a consideration. It changes, the color strands of the hair, to a lighter (lowlights) or darker version, in different sizes. I know it may sound weird, but if done by a professional, it will come out very stylish. I am sure you’ve encountered people with it everyday on the streeta. It’s even common among celebrities. Ever watched a music video of the famous R&B singer, Rihanna? Take a close look at her hair (look at the right for example). Notice how the color of small lines of her hair here and there doesn’t match up with the rest. Yep, that’s hair highlighting. Last advice is, hair highlighting can mess up your look if it didn’t get done right. So, it’s best if you go to a salon to get it done so someone with experience handles it for you.

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written by: Meena Shah

Having a dry flaky scalp is not exactly beautiful to have. Dry flaky hair can tend to be quite hard to brush and not exactly pretty to look at. Once the scalp becomes dry, dandruff can grow and will make your hair harder to manage. There are, however, several remedies you can utilize to get rid of that flaky scalp. We understand how ugly your hair can get when the flaky dandruffs just fall off your head.

Get rid of dry flaky scalp today

– Baby oil

Take some baby oil in your hands and rub it all throughout your hair. You can rub it in your hair and throughout your strands, but try to rub it mainly on your scalp. Try to dig the baby oil into your scalp really well. Baby oil is known for softening up the skin, and the flaky scalp you are experiencing can be fixed through the power of baby oil. Placing this on your head several times during the day can be the ultimate best way to help your hair with its flaky scalp. You can just leave the oil on, so there is no need to wash it off.

– Stay away from hot water

Hot water is bad for the scalp. Showering with slightly lukewarm temperature is better. It is the same thing with blow dryers. Let your hair dry our naturally. Hot water and blowdrying your hair can tend to be a bit harsh on the scalp, so try to go with colder water and letting your hair dry just by using your towel.

– Jojoba oil

Simply take one or two ounces of this oil. Put around one, two, or three drops of pure tea tree oil. Place it on your head for about an hour before going into the shower and shampooing. This can give miraculous results. Jojoba oil when combined with the pure tea tree oil may be your one stop shop for good results.

– Little Shampoo

Try showering with less shampoo. Too much shampoo on your scalp that never is completely washed off can turn into dandruff on your head. Just the right amount of shampoo is what you need. Using a conditioner is very helpful to avoid the flakes and for moisturizing.

The above techniques are all powerful remedies to use. Your life can change drastically when you actually decide to use them and be consistent on keeping your hair moisturized.


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How To Go Around Your Boring Hair

written by: Meena Shah

Taking care of your hair can be an overwhelming challenge as you grow older. Years of exposure to both natural and chemical elements can cause thinning, limping and losing its shine and suppleness thereby resulting into inglorious boring hair. All those years of using shampoo, curling or straightening irons, blow dryer, and an unhealthy lifestyle can prove to be debilitating to your tresses that by the age of 45 or more, you are left with nothing but a thinning, limp and dry patch of Rapunzel’s mane.

Home Remedies

Retaining moisture and oil can be hardest throughout the years. But you do not have to fret over your dry, limp, thinning and boring hair. There are still various herbal elements that can help get back its usual luster and strength. Here are great home remedies which you can easily do on your own to maintain the beauty of your crowning glory:

*Hair Strengthening. Rejuvenate and strengthen your hair with herbal remedies such as rosemary, horsetail, grated ginger, coconut, avocado and olive oil. You can easily mix one for your own use and enjoy more efficiency than your usual costly hair treatments.

*Hair Growth. Hair thinning can be embarrassing. A quick concoction of the Pygeum tree bark or ground saw Palmetto, or ginkgo biloba extracts which can also be found in bottled form can help remedy the problem.
* Bring Back The Shine. Oil massage using olive oil, coconut or almond oil heated on low temperature each week will help treat dry, dull boring hair. Egg yolks combined with vegetable glycerin, apple cider vinegar and olive or wheat germ oil can also do wonders when treating dull hair. Essential oils in aromatherapy as well as honey are also great options to treat lifeless hair.

Hair Style

Come on, just because you’re forty-ish does not mean you can be all frumpy and have the standard hairstyle sported by your local community of retirees. Age is nothing important unless you are cheese (smile). Try to have fun with your hairstyle. Find a great salon nearby or look for an artistic hairstylist who can do wonders to your boring hair style. There is always one in every beauty salon that can make any women feel and look young whether sporting long or short, pixie or dimensional, bob or layered , and so on. There are quite a number of trendy options nowadays that will make older women retain their youth and vibrancy.

Important Considerations
No amount of herbal remedies and hair styling for your boring hair can replace a positive mindset. As one gets older, confidence level seem to dwindle. Look past your imperfections and embrace what you have. Beauty is not always skin-deep. There is no sense crying over dry limp hair. A quick visit to a nearby salon or a quick home service with your favorite hairstylist is all you need to update your look – and, perhaps, get updated with the latest gossip in town.

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Hair Treatment Near Me – Lookin Good Salon

Using shampoo is the most common way of cleaning your hair. An effective wash will remove dirts, oils and other substances that should be gotten rid of. If you want you hair to stay neat and healthy afterward, you need to blow dry it. Here are a few pointers to remember – Wrap your hair in a towel very lightly and leave it there for a while. Then, take the towel off and separate your hair into sections. Start blow drying your hair from the top and work your way to the lower parts. Make sure to not set the blow dryer volume too high to avoid skin burn.

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LOOKIN GOOD COVID-19 announcment

Dear Valued Clients & Friends,

We Miss you.
We have been doing our part to help prevent the further spread of COVID – 19 by temporarily closing our location since March 21st.till April 13th. You can buy Lookin Good Salon Gift cards for your loved ones, Just call and we will ship it out to you.

We hope to reopen as soon as possible and will be following the guidelines of our government and the CDC. We will continue to post updates on our social media and directly to your inbox. For now all appointments from March 21st – April 13th have been cancelled. Please text or call as soon as thing are in order to make your bookings as it will be busy time again.  Let us know if you come to know of any development so we can set a re-open date.

Our hearts are with people around the world who have been affected by the COVID – 19 global pandemic. We are concerned for the financial well-being and the health for all of our countrymen and their families, for you and your family. Please be well and stay well. We look forward to seeing you in the salon again very soon.

Thank you.

Yours in Service,
Your Stylist at Lookin Good Salons

Meena Shah


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6788161654 (call)

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Haircut solutions while we are social distancing.

Before you do anything drastic, you have some options when it comes to your growing locks, according to a local hairdresser.

Abbey Holt, a hairdresser at Starr’s Sister Salon in Eau Claire said when it comes to your hair the best option is to wait it out until salons are open again.

If you decide to cut it, Holt suggested finding a pair of scissors that are relatively sharp.

If you have a clipper cut, use a longer guard than you think you’d need, because you can always go back and cut more later. Holt suggested slowly trimming around your head.

For longer styles, Holt suggested just trying to get by for the time being.

“What I’ve been doing is I’ve pretty much been wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail every day, or a cute bandana or a hat or scarf or anything, I mean, just to get by,” Holt said. “As far as hair color goes, that’s something I would not recommend doing at home. It’s risky, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong.”

Holt added that now is a great time to try out different styling techniques and play around with your hair.

(Add some humor,pictures, rewrite), We have a deal going on Get Complimentary Blowout/Antifrizz treatment value($45) with the purchase of  haircut and color to be used in when salons repon in May or later.


Source: https://wxow.com/2020/04/09/haircut-solutions-while-salons-are-closed/

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COVID-19: What we’re doing to keep customers and employees safe.

COVID-19: We Care and Remain Open…


Dear Friend,

Lookin’Good Salon and I, personally, stand firm with our community for these challenging unprecedented times brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak. But it’s in just such times that teach us to stand intelligently strong and fearless…. Intelligently because we still need to take proactive precautions to ensure first, with 100% certainty, that we all remain healthy and safe!

So, following guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, ADA and the World Health Organization, we have increased the frequency and degree of cleaning, disinfection and sanitation throughout our facilities, tools and personnel.

We stand ready to support you during this difficult time. We hope you and your family remain healthy and unaffected by this outbreak.

If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, cough, or fever and have an upcoming appointment, please call or text me to reschedule any upcoming appointment to a better time.

To help assuage some load on our community and in profuse gratitude for our health, starting next week we are discounting all our services by 40% for the next one month or until this threat becomes more controlled.

Please do not hesitate to directly call or email me if you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anyway I can help personally, or otherwise.


Meena Shah
Tel: 678-816-1654

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