Get in the Halloween Spirit!

Posted by Meena Shah on  October 14, 2020
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Lookin’ Good Salon has quite the treat for you this month! Get a spooktacular 10% off deal on your makeup and styling when you come in for an appointment, up until October 31st. This is a great time to try a beautiful vampy makeup look or switch up your hairstyle for fall and winter! Here are just a couple ideas to get your creativity flowing: Please check out our website for more updates. We have


Posted by Sierra on  August 10, 2020
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Hi there, and thanks for visiting Lookin’ Good Salon’s brand new page! If you’re looking for more information about our services, you can check out our Facebook page. You do have the option to book from the website by clicking Book Now from the navigation menu above. We recognize that a large part of our salon outside of our hair and spa services is being a resource to our customers. Though we can’t take care

Hair Coloring

Posted by Meena Shah on  April 22, 2020
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Hair coloring, as the name suggested, means changing your hair from one color to another. The top reasons people do so is because, they want to cover gray spots, change their hair to a color that’s more fashionable or change back it to its original color. There are four different types of hair coloring: Temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent. People mainly use temporary hair coloring if they need the change to last only for a


Posted by Meena Shah on  April 21, 2020
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written by: Meena Shah Having a dry flaky scalp is not exactly beautiful to have. Dry flaky hair can tend to be quite hard to brush and not exactly pretty to look at. Once the scalp becomes dry, dandruff can grow and will make your hair harder to manage. There are, however, several remedies you can utilize to get rid of that flaky scalp. We understand how ugly your hair can get when the flaky

How To Go Around Your Boring Hair

Posted by Meena Shah on  April 20, 2020
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written by: Meena Shah Taking care of your hair can be an overwhelming challenge as you grow older. Years of exposure to both natural and chemical elements can cause thinning, limping and losing its shine and suppleness thereby resulting into inglorious boring hair. All those years of using shampoo, curling or straightening irons, blow dryer, and an unhealthy lifestyle can prove to be debilitating to your tresses that by the age of 45 or more,